I started Inktober this year with an idea to illustrate plants I had photographed while travelling around NSW and Tasmania. Every time I am outdoors, be it on a short or long walk, a drive or a camping trip I always have my phone or camera handy to document the plants I see on these trips. By now I have gathered thousands of photos in my plant library and come across many beautiful and unique plants that I had never seen before. 
Out of these photos in my plant library I picked out some of my favourites to illustrate for INKTOBER 2018. 
The result has led me to create this large scale mixed media artwork which I’m calling the Wild Bush.  As I developed this print in hopes of releasing a small range of products with it soon, I wanted it to have its own identity but still have a part of me embedded within. 
In this way maybe you get to know a little bit about me. 
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