Neha Gupte is a self-taught artist based in Sydney, Australia. She uses watercolours, pens and ink to express her various thoughts and stories on to paper; creating intricate botanical artworks and unique surface pattern designs. 

Nature plays a big part in here creative process. You will find her walking around her neighbourhood  or visiting botanical gardens taking photos of things that inspire her on days she spends time outside her studio. Often times it is flowers, plants and trees, but can also be birds and insects. She also loves taking photos of the beautiful colours during sunrise and sunset. 
These are added to her ever growing image library which are the starting points for most of her artworks.

Her work is also influenced by the concepts of self realisation and self growth which she uses as her personal journey towards finding her true and authentic self. She believes that nature can be seen as a mirror to life and human personality and depicts this connection through her art. 

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